Month: October 2012


Testing Alternatives to an Apple Server

Although I personally use Windows 7, Android and Linux operating systems, I have many friends who use Mac’s, iPads, and iPhones.  Well just like the rest of us, Mac users need to have ways to back up and share their data.  Sure Apple offers solutions such as cloud services or special back-up hard drives i.e. time machines; however, like most other Apple hardware, the alternatives are substantially less expensive.  With this in mind, I tried something new over the weekend.  Using a very old laptop I had lying around, I installed Lubuntu (A light Ubuntu Linux variant) and then added some additional software to configure an “apple” server.  Obviously it’s not a real Apple server but the Mac I used to test it on didn’t know the difference.  I need to try this out with some different versions of the Mac operating system to see if they all work, but if all goes well, I could create a personal cloud drive for Mac users.  This means you could keep your data right in your own home and not pay extra fees to Apple, or have to purchase additional costly Apple devices. The great thing about Linux, in a situation like this, is that the same cloud drive could allow you to share files between the Apple device and other common operating systems.