Month: March 2013


Are You Paying Too Much For Technology Services?

I visited this morning with a customer of mine.  She is wanting some new TV’s – one for the living room and one for the bedroom.  She is still using old tube-type TV’s, along with VHS tapes.  Do you remember what those are?

In our conversation I discovered that she is paying almost $175 per month for cable, phone and internet.  This doesn’t include her cell phone.  When I asked her what channels she likes to watch, she listed five; two of which were local ones that can be watched for free with an antenna.  Her cable bill is $90 per month for 4-5 channels that she actually watches.  She knows this is too much but she is unsure what to do.  I am helping her find a much better deal that will easily cut that bill in half with current offers from either AT&T or SureWest.

One of the VHS tapes she has is of Scott Hamilton the ice skater.  I pulled up YouTube and showed her a video of Scott Hamilton, and she was so excited, she was ready to keep my tablet!  So with a few equipment changes I think I can really expand her entertainment horizons and help her get rid of a lot of VHS tapes.

If this sounds like you or someone you know contact me and I’ll help you with new possibilities.