Month: May 2014


Email Scam Alert

ScamEmail Scam

I have been working on a series of articles about malware that I hope to publish soon.  Today I get a perfect example in the form of an email that looked legitimate at first.  I look a little further and see that the from address is not KCPL who is my electricity provider.  I have pulled a few lines from the header shown below.   The email contained an attachment  This was the final confirmation that this was in fact a scam.  First of all my electric company usually doesn’t send me a file, they direct me to their site to view my bill.  But the fact that this was a zip file means I won’t know what’s inside until I open it.  That may be too late to stop any possible payload.  This is a perfect example of an email you should simply delete.

Don’t be curious and open an attachment like this! 


Header Info:

Return-path: <>
From: “Lottie Hollingsworth” <>
Subject: Electric Usage Statement

Email Body:

A Dear customer!

Your latest energy account is now available to view.

Account #: LL/12354216
Bill date: 26/04/2014
Amount: $241.31

To view your most recent account, please revise the attached archive.

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