A little about myself.  I am a mechanical engineer who loves figuring out how things work.  Even as a young boy I would disassemble old appliances and whatever I could get my hands on just to see how they worked.  I have built and assembled many things over the years, some of them have worked great other not so well.  That is how we learn though.  Failures just confirm one way something will not work.  Fast forwarding to 2010, I was in need of network storage for my home business.  After trying an off the shelf NAS product and having it not only work poorly but die after a week I decided to build my own. the short version is that I built my own server using Linux.  I had known about Linux for years but had never actually seen it in operation.  In the process of learning more about Linux and other computer systems I stumbled across a term that was new to me.  The HTPC or Home Theater PC.  I had used laptops to do presentations before, I had used them to watch movies even connected them to our TV to watch Netflix but I had not thought of using a dedicated PC just for the TV.  Eventually I gave this a try, now a computer is the only device connected to my TV’s

12 Stones Tech is about service and solutions to your needs.  Located in Olathe, KS we service the local area but will sell systems to anyone in the country.  Take a look at our product pages for more on what we build.  For service call 913-893-1123  or email kent @ 12stonestech.com

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