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Cable TV Signals & Digital tuners

I hooked up a new TV for a customer on Friday.  They currently subscribe to Comcast cable in Olathe, KS.  The TV is has both digital and analog tuners for cable signals.  Once the TV was connected to the cable and had scanned for channels I was disappointed to find that not only were there many versions of the same channels but their numbering scheme was totally unintelligible.  After figuring out how to delete channels from the lineup and spending a good hour trying to decipher which was the hi def channels and which were the 4×3 channels we still had a mess.  I understand that the cable box does this for you and makes it show up with the common channel lineup numbers.  It just seems like there is no reason to have digital cable tuners in TV’s if this is the outcome.  The TV should have a way to rename the channels to a friendly name or number.  This customer will probably have to get another cable box so they can understand and find the stations they want.

Are You Paying Too Much For Technology Services?

I visited this morning with a customer of mine.  She is wanting some new TV’s – one for the living room and one for the bedroom.  She is still using old tube-type TV’s, along with VHS tapes.  Do you remember what those are?

In our conversation I discovered that she is paying almost $175 per month for cable, phone and internet.  This doesn’t include her cell phone.  When I asked her what channels she likes to watch, she listed five; two of which were local ones that can be watched for free with an antenna.  Her cable bill is $90 per month for 4-5 channels that she actually watches.  She knows this is too much but she is unsure what to do.  I am helping her find a much better deal that will easily cut that bill in half with current offers from either AT&T or SureWest.

One of the VHS tapes she has is of Scott Hamilton the ice skater.  I pulled up YouTube and showed her a video of Scott Hamilton, and she was so excited, she was ready to keep my tablet!  So with a few equipment changes I think I can really expand her entertainment horizons and help her get rid of a lot of VHS tapes.

If this sounds like you or someone you know contact me and I’ll help you with new possibilities.