Stonecloud Business Server

What is a Server?

The most basic definition of a server is any computer that serves others.  A server can be anything from a very simple low powered device to huge high powered units that usually live in data centers.  12 Stones Tech offers a “mini server” for use in a small business or home for a multitude of purposes.  Our goal is to build a fully capable server that consumes the minimal amount of electricity possible while looking sleek and not cluttering up your office.

Stonecloud Server

Why a Server?

For many small businesses there is a need to collaborate on and share documents.  Having an onsite server allows for file sharing amongst various computers on the local area network.  Larger businesses have been using this for years.

  • Local file storage
  • Easy sharing of documents
  • A central repository of all important documents
  • Quick access
  • Easy coworker sharing
  • Onsite and offsite backups
  • Master copies of files


Your data is just that “YOUR” data.  Many people entrust that data to others with barely a glance at the Term Of Service.  Free services online are not really free, it costs to maintain software and servers so any free service is making money off you somehow.  If you have data you need to keep secure and not trust to “Someone” out there in the cloud, then you should have your own server.  You can decide with whom and when data is shared.


If you are using online storage services you are dependent on the bandwidth of your connection.  A 100Gb backup over an average internet connection will take 4-5 days.  That same backup over your Gigabit network will take about 15 minutes.  Even if you still are using 10/100 Fast Ethernet you will only take about 2.5 hours.  Also if you are using a server in your office it will continue to work even if your internet connection goes down.


  • Stonecloud Server $600 Includes set up / training time
  • Annual service agreement $660
    • Includes weekly checkup and updates
    • Includes nightly offsite backup of files
    • Includes remote access to your files
    • Includes assistance with setup, backups, recoveries and access to files.
    • Includes warranty for server.  Anything that fails will be fixed.



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