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Solid State Drive Wins Again

Plastic Easter eggs gave me an idea of another fun example of the speed difference.  We even included some spinning in this one.  🙂  Once you have tried a solid state drive you won’t want to go back.

I have created another video for those of you that want to see a side by side comparison.  Here it is.


With the time savings a solid state drive can yield it can be paid for in the first year.

Speed up with a Solid State Drive


Hard Drive

Hard Drive

This is my attempt to show the difference in speed between a regular spinning hard drive and a solid state hard drive.  In a traditional hard drive there is a magnetic disk spinning and a head that swings across the disk.  In order to read or write something the disk has to spin to the right location while the head moved across to the correct location.  There is a coordination between the spin and the head.  If the head doesn’t get in position when the disk location passes it had to wait for the next time around.  While this happens very fast it’s no comparison to a solid state drive that simply requests a location and requires no motion.  The solid state memory simply relays what’s been stored in the location and it can do this from any location on the device much faster than the spinning disk and head can move all over the disk.  The result is a 5-10 times increase in disk access times.  This means boots, shutdowns, launches etc are that much faster.  In laptops this also means less power usage since there are no moving parts.

Prices of solid state drives have been coming down.  They are not as low as a regular hard drive but they are getting very reasonable and life expectancy is also excellent.  If you have a good computer that seems to take a long time to boot, or shutdown, or it just takes too long to launch a program, and you live in the Johnson County KS area, give me a call to discuss options.  913-893-1123

Should I Fix My Old Computer or Buy A New One?

Lenovo Desktop

Should It Stay or Should It Go

A frequent computer question I help people with is, “should I fix my old computer or buy a new one?”  If you are reading this, you may be at that point and trying to make a decision.  You may have paid quite a bit for your current computer and feel like you should be able to get a few more good years out of it before casting it aside.  With so many different systems out there it’s difficult to have a hard and fast rule as to when to replace a system.  Not everyone needs high performance.  However, “Do Not Resuscitate” should be the guideline for any system that was originally purchased with windows XP installed.  Pulling your data off should be the limit of any work done on this old of a model.   If you are currently using a system like this be sure to have a backup of your data because the hard drive is likely the first thing to go.

Performance Upgrade

Here’s an example of a common machine that I see:  the Intel Core 2 Duo.  Many versions of this processor were made starting in 2006 and ending about 2011 so there are a lot of them out there.  Early on systems utilizing this processor had Windows XP, then Windows Vista, and some at the tail end even got Windows 7.  The processor has been out of production for nearly three years now.  Benchmarks between an inexpensive ($300) Lenovo desktop computer utilizing a current Intel Pentium G3220  processor, and the old Core 2 Duo E4200 show 170% better performance.  The new computer is able to do this while using only 65% of the power.  A more detailed comparison can be found here: cpu-world.com.  The new system comes with a new 500 gb hard drive, gigabit network port, far superior graphics, and the ability to run multiple monitors.   So if you are poking along with a Core 2 duo, then an up-to-date low-end system could really surprise you performance wise.  The upgrade is certainly worth considering before spending anything on maintenance for your current computer.